Documents & Forms

For convenience, speed of service and accuracy we have provided the following forms as printable documents that you may read and sign prior to your pets visit. Our goal is it to reduce your time spent getting checked in, so you can make the most of your day.  Included is an explanation of each form in an effort to answer as many of your questions as we can.

Pet Boarding

Pet Boarding Contract

We strive to provide the highest quality pet care possible. We take the responsibility of caring for your
pets seriously. We understand and respect that they are valued members of your family. We have placed
the following policies and procedures in effect to ensure that all of our guests and their families are
treated with care and respect.

Grooming Instructions

Towne Square Pet Resort offers full service grooming.  Please remember, communication is key! No one wants a bad haircut, not for themselves or their pets. If you have any questions, concerns or special request please take the time to talk face to face with one of our grooming professionals. If you cannot stay, please leave a phone number, we want to talk with you!  Providing pictures is always very helpful. Grooming professionals often use technical terms to describe different cuts.  If you have any questions about something your groomer has said, please stop us and we will gladly explain all the ins and outs. Although a bad haircut will grow out, why get one in the first place! Your complete satisfaction is our goal. If for any reason you are not satisfied let us know immediately (before leaving).  If possible we will fix what we can on the spot!

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